A Billion to One" Episode 7 Now Available

Episode 7 "Richter" has just been released on Amazon Prime

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In Episode 7 "Richter's Hand," we get our first glimpse of Leo Richter and his whereabouts. A British young man, Noah, believes he can create a perfect society and Katri is in trouble after her contest submission is discovered.

In Episode 7 "Richter's Hand," we get our first glimpse of Leo Richter and his whereabouts. A British young man, Noah, believes he can create a perfect society and Katri is in trouble after her contest submission is discovered.

Stay tuned for more episodes of "A Billion to One," as people from every part of the world attempt to prove themselves worthy of dying billionaire Leo Richter's fortune and uncover the truth about who is behind the rumors that he's gi

Watch "A Billion to One" Episode 6 Now

Episode 6 "Find Isaac" is now available on Amazon Prime

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"Find Isaac"

In Episode 6 "Find Isaac," Regan interviews every employee at Richter Roth named Isaac, hoping to find the person behind the Richter rumors. Katri takes her plea to the next level. In Dubai, Sid’s partner asks him how he knows Isaac.


Stay tuned for more episodes of "A Billion to One," as people from every part of the world attempt to prove themselves worthy of dying billionaire Leo Richter's fortune and uncover the truth about who is behind the rumors that he's giving his money away.   

Created by the award-winning, record-breaking CollabFeature team of filmmakers around the world, this innovative web series boars the most diverse cast and crew in television history.   

Episodes 1-5 of "A Billion to One" now streaming

The first four Episodes of our new series A Billion to One have been viewed over 65,000 times across Amazon, YouTube, Facebook Video and Vimeo on Demand.  Plus we've received tons of positive feedback from people who can't wait to find out which character will win Leo Richter's billions.  

A huge thanks to all of you who helped make the launch a success by watching and sharing.  But this is JUST the beginning.  
Episode 5 "The Tweet" is now available exclusively on Amazon Prime and Vimeo on Demand.  


In Episode 5 "The Tweet," Regan finds the source of the Richter rumors. Depressed about her loss, Julie goes on a bender and gets a message from "LR." At a strip club in France, Katri, a sex trafficking victim pleads for help and becomes the next candidate seeking Richter's fortune. 

The epic, globe-spanning story resumes in January with more revelations and new characters attempting to prove themselves worthy of Leo Richter's $82 billion fortune.  
If you haven't yet, you can start from the beginning of the series here:


Episode 1 - First in Line

Episode 2 - Personal Details

Episode 3 - Speculators

Episode 4 - Prove It

Episode 5 - The Tweet



"A Billion to One" Episode 3

A clue to the source of the Leo Richter rumors is discovered. Antoine doubts his ability to prove his intentions. Imran Ali gets in trouble. Julie, an idealist documentarian in Switzerland, needs help.

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Stareable AMA 10/2 @ 2PM

CollabFeature co-founder Marty Shea will be doing two AMA’s (Ask Me Anything) this week to promote “A Billion to One.”  


The first AMA will be Thursday, 10/12 at 2pm Eastern on Stareable, the world’s largest community of web series creators. The second will be Friday at 12:30pm Eastern on the Reddit “Movie” subreddit (which has over 16 Million subscribers!)     

Visit Stareable AMA:  http://tinyurl.com/StareableAMA

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You can  help by tuning into one of the AMA’s, ask Marty a question and, for Reddit, vote “up” the AMA topic so more people will see it.  

We hope you enjoy the first of many episodes of “A Billion to One.” 

Our new web series is now live! Watch “A Billion to One” Episodes 1 & 2

After more than 2 years of extensive work, we are glad to announce that the first two episodes of our web series “A Billion to One” are now live on YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo (and coming soon to Amazon Prime and other platforms.)  

“A Billion to One” aims to achieve the most diverse cast in television  history.  The dramatic series follows dozens of characters created by our award-winning, international team of filmmakers.   

Be a part of this unique and intriguing story about a dying billionaire who has decided to give his fortune to a total stranger.  Hopeful people around the world are given the chance to convince the billionaire why they deserve his immense wealth. But as news of this fantastic opportunity spreads across the globe, doubt is quickly cast on the validity of these rumors and the billionaire’s true motives.


Watch now on YouTube

Also available on Facebook and  Vimeo.
(Coming soon to Amazon) 

A Billion to One to Premiere 10/10/2017

“A Billion to One” is an episodic serial drama that will follow storylines from all over the world, each created by a different director.

The story centers around a dying billionaire with no heirs who decides to leave his fortune to the person who can demonstrate that they are somehow most deserving of his wealth.



Characters from all over the world apply to be considered the billionaire's heir and must prove that they are deserving of the fortune. The resulting search spawns countless storylines and vignettes, each written and directed by a different CollabFeature filmmaker. “A Billion to One” will introduce the world to the most culturally diverse ensemble cast in television history.

Stay tuned for trailers, platform and more info soon.



Mumbai, Dallas and Bielefeld + MORE “Train Station” screenings

Train Station Screens around the World

Sunday’s Neuchâtel, Switzerland screening of “Train Station” was a success and nearly sold out.  Swiss Filmmaker Kevin Rumley and French Filmmaker Ingrid Franchi hosted.  Kevin (who filmed the train graveyard segment) also generated some exciting press in the lead up to the film.  

Train Station Directors Kevin Rumley and Ingrid Franchi

Train Station Directors Kevin Rumley and Ingrid Franchi

The Swiss screening follows screenings in Hollywood, Santa Monica, Berlin, Detroit and Chicago. Next up filmmaker Daniel Montoya & CollabFeature co-founder Marty Shea host the Dallas screening on March 22.   Then, Bielefeld, Germany with filmmakers Juliane Block and Xavier Agudo, on March 24.

And this just in:

The Indian premiere of “Train Station” will take place in Mumbai on March 26, hosted by filmmaker Aditya Pawar.

Soon, we’ll announce details for screenings in London, Brazil, Bogota, Kuala Lumpur, and many other cities.   

“Train Station” (Best Feature at LA Diversity Film Festival) - Now on VOD

If you can’t make it to one of our screenings in LA, Berlin, Detroit, or Chicago this month, don’t worry, you can now watch “Train Station" on Amazon (in the USA) and Vimeo-On-Demand (Worldwide)!

Watch on Amazon Video (USA)

Watch on Vimeo-on-Demand (Worldwide)

Directed by 40 Directors from 25 different countries,Train Station is the second feature film from the award-winning, record-breaking filmmakers of CollabFeature.

When a mysterious train accident forces a man to change his plans, he is confronted with a series of choices, some big, some small. Each decision he makes leads to a different scenario, each one filmed by a different director with a different cast.

Watch the new full trailer

Thank you for supporting international collaboration and independent filmmakers around the world.  You, our audience, make all of this possible and worthwhile.

Train Station Chicago Screening Music Box Theater February 15th

On February 15, 2017, Train Station gets its one-night only Chicago Debut at the beautiful Music Box Theatre, the windy city’s premiere venue for independent, foreign, cult and classic films. At least two directors plus members of the Chicago and Detroit cast and crew will be present. Tickets go on sale January 2nd on the Music Box’s website.

"Train Station" won Best Narrative Feature for the month of November at the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival!

The sole purpose of Calcutta International Cult Film Festival is to develop a film culture that inspires and brings together cross-cultural innovations that enrich people's lives with entertainment: and services that inform, educate and entertain. It's a monthly online international event. Each month World film industry specialists announce 20 Official Selection films in each category and out of them one film receives the Best of Category award. In addition, the best of each month's category will compete with all the others at the end of the year and the best of the best will receive the prestigious Golden Fox Award.  

Train Station wins Best Feature at the Kansas International Film Festival!

This marks the fourth award win for "Train Station." The Kansas International Film Festival ran from November 4-10, 2016.  Filmmakers Daniel Montoya, Kevin Rumley and Yosef Khouwes (three in the center) were in attendance at the  Kansas International Film Festival to represent CollabFeature's "Train Station." Here they are collecting the Jury Prize at the awards ceremony.




I’ve worked on a feature film in which I’m a director of a small part of a story and then this story continues by another director in another part of the world. And when it all comes together, it is magic. The film has a life of its own. It is unique and despite the fact that the main character is changing after every few minutes we still feel it is the same film beautifully interwoven to tell one big story. This film is called


. Its a project started by


. I believe this is the future of film making.


Imagine you write a feature film break it into parts and people from all over the world collaborate to make that film. And this is happening. CollabFeature has made a film called The Owner. In this film the main character of the film is a bag that travels all over the world and with the bag, we travel with these endearing characters to find out who is the owner of the bag. This film was directed my 25 directors. Their next project “Train Station” is directed by around 40 directors [I’m one of them].

Another great example of the same style of film making is a film produced by Ridley Scott –  Life in a Day. It is a documentary shot all over the world to show the future generation our time in this world and remind them what it is like to be alive. A powerful film and I believe I should not call this a style of film but a new genre. Something like Collaboration Film or Collabfilm. Its a genre that has proven innovative and creative way of telling a story cinematically. This is also helping young directors like me to hone their skills as short filmmaker and yet be a part of bigger story of a feature film.

Through collaboration with actors, technicians, directors, producers, and artists from other field and above all from other parts of the world work together to make a unique story, a collective dream for the world to experience. Imagine the world making a film together to stop wars, unite people with differences or simply to tell a simple story about a relation between a girl and her pet. The ideas are limitless and the science and technology to make this a reality is already here. So what would you like to make as your Collabfilm?


CollabFeature at IFP Film Week in NYC

CollabFeature will be a part of the Collaborative Filmmaking: The Rise of Multi-Director Movies Discussion Panel at the NY Media Center during IFP Film Week 1472155065

CollabFeature Co-Founder/Artistic Director Marty Shea joins two other producers on September 19, 2016 for a panel discussion about the multi-directing movement. IFP Film Week is the place where filmmakers, artists and storytellers cross paths with people who help their projects move forward. Creators get funding, advice and opportunities. Industry insiders get to discover new talent and ideas. The public gets to screen cutting-edge work. It's a space where doors open, info is exchanged and everyone gets creative. Film Week runs from September 17-22, 2016 in Brooklyn, NY. Purchase your passes here.