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Train station screenings


Info soon for screenings in São Paulo, Athens, Kuala Lumpur and more.



CollabFeature is an award-winning, record breaking team of filmmakers & creators from all over the world, uniting and pooling our resources, creativity and audiences to create multi-story films, documentaries and series. Each filmmaker co-writes and directs a small piece of a bigger story in his or her own country.

Soon, we will be launching our next feature film project and are looking for new filmmakers, screenwriters, and more collaborators to be a part of our groundbreaking team.

If you would like to create a part of a CollabFeature film or series and collaborate with filmmakers around the world, you can apply to join CollabFeature here.


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Watch "The Owner"
The first CollabFeature follows a backpack around the world. Created by 25 across 5 continents.