CollabFeature, a team of award-winning filmmakers from all over the world, are working on our fourth collaborative film project—a web series with a global scope—and are looking for a small team of composers to help bring our story to life.

Our past projects include “The Owner” (nominated for “Best Score”, Jerry Goldsmith awards) -  and “Train Station” – winner of five Best Feature awards including LA Diversity, and Miami Independent Film Festival.    The new project a web-series called “A Billion to One” centers around a dying billionaire looking for an heir and follows over a dozen characters in different parts of the world who are trying to prove themselves worthy to inherit his massive fortune.   Like previous CollabFeature projects, it melds different genres and film styles into a single cohesive narrative, this time in a weekly serial drama.  

All CollabFeature projects are collaborative and democratic, all contributors have a voice and vote in every creative decision.  We pool our resources, share in any profits and strive to make quality, engaging products on a no/low budget level. 
If you are an experienced composer, interested in joining filmmakers from around the world, comfortable with our shared/no-budget approach, fill out the form below to begin your application. 

Apply to CollabFeature