What people have been saying about CollabFeature


George Korgianitis (Athens, Greece)

Filmmaker, Train Station - IMDB

CollabFeature is maybe the only ‘place’ where creativity meets collaboration in such a way that they fall in love with each other, resulting in unique babies, like The Owner and Train Station.

Juliane Block (Berlin, Germany)

Filmmaker, Train Station - http://j-blockbuster.com/

To work with CollabFeature is a creative, incredible, rewarding, challenging, and truly unique experience.


Aditya Pawar (MUMBAI CITY, India)

Filmmaker, Train Station - IMDB

I believe this is the future of filmmaking...helping young directors like me to hone our skills and also to be a part of the bigger story of a feature film.


Mairtin dE barra

Filmmaker, The Owner - WEBSITE

I still look back on The Owner with fond memories...I'm a full time director for the BBC now, and I can only presume CollabFeature helped.


Todd Felderstein (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Filmmaker, Train Station - IMDB

Being at the forefront of a global filmmaking movement is exciting. Our collaborative model will be adapted and improved upon by many to come. This is the future of independent cinema


Guillem Serrano (Barcelona, Spain)

Filmmaker, Train Station - IMDB

Being part of this amazing project is a once in a lifetime experience.


Rafael Yoshida (São Paulo, Brazil)

Filmmaker, The Owner & Train Station - IMDB

CollabFeature is not just a good way to join forces to make a feature film, but also a place where you can test your creativity, experiment new ideas and work with great filmmakers around the globe.

Alexia Ali Sims Mansour (Detroit, MI, USA)

Audience Member

Had the absolute pleasure of taking in the most innovative and interesting film I've seen in ages at the East Lansing Film Festival tonight. Witnessed the premiere of Train Station, a CollabFeature production...Thanks for making me get off the couch and go out and see great art tonight...