what if powerful men didn't control which movies get made?

A global team of filmmakers, called CollabFeature, is changing the way stories are told by sharing the creative process over the internet.  Each collaborator writes and directs a small part of a bigger feature film or series, allowing creators, not studios, to decide which stories are told. 

The Guinness record-breaking team has already created 2 award-winning feature films, and recently launched a dramatic series called A Billion to One about a dying billionaire searching for an heir. All CollabFeature projects involve creators and cast from every part of the world and represent a wide array of styles and cultures.  Even audience members like you can be involved in shaping stories and collaborating with the creators.  


Collaborators Wanted.  If you are a filmmaker, writer, composer, actor or creator interested in collaborating with filmmakers around the world to make films and series bigger than any of us can make on our own, apply to join CollabFeature now.


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