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"They say that too many cooks spoil the broth. But that does not seem to be the case at Detroit-based film production company CollabFeature." The Sun Daily - Malaysia, March 2016

"Train Station is an ambitious film, but this daring experiment pays off."Film International - U.S.A., March 2016

"IT’S not often that you find a feature film combining the forces of more than one director, but CollabFeature does exactly that! Their second collaborative film project, Train Station.....The Daily Seni - Malaysia, February 2016

Collaboration Now

"Collaboration" is the catch word that is bandied about when describing the show business industry. We thrive on lunches, conference calls and....Huffington Post - U.S.A. December 2015

Filmmakers, we're told, are divas. They don't take orders ... or even suggestions; they don't play well with others. Marty Shea begs to differ....Lansing State Journal - U.S.A. November 2015

What are independent movies like these days? The 18th East Lansing Film Festival starts Thursday, and expect that indies will be ... well, almost anything....Lansing State Journal - U.S.A. November 2015

When you think of filmmaking, chances are pretty good that you think of a producer, a director and a cast chosen by that director....- Michigan Radio - U.S.A. (audio) May 2013

Imagine 40 film directors coming together to make one film. Then imagine that those filmmakers are based in 23 countries on five continents.-The Detroit News - U.S.A.

CollabFeature’s first project involves 25 directors

The art of filmmaking is, in many ways, the celebration of a singularity of vision, with auteur filmmakers telling stories that are at once personal and universal.- Reel Chicago - U.S.A. Jan 2013

Marty's Story

To get a truly collaborative process together, we built a platform that allows concepts, outlines, scripts and final cuts to be voted on and decided democratically. There isn’t one person “leading” the film, but rather it’s a group effort to make something that is cohesive and represent all creators. Cooperative Capital - U.S.A. September 2017


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