TRAIN STATION accepted to three upcoming festivals!

Train Station continues its journey on the festival circuit with screenings at three upcoming film festivals. The next stop is Train Station’s African Premiere at the Sudan Independent Film Festival from January 21-27, 2016 (screenings at 4:30pm Mon, Jan 25 & 7:30pm Tues, Jan 26). Then there is a brief stopover at the Berlin Independent Film Festival February 11-17, 2016 (screening is at 6pm on Wednesday, February 17th, tickets available HERE), marking the film's European Premiere. Train Station then travels to Washington, D.C. for its East Coast US Premiere at the DC Independent Film Festival on Thursday, March 10, 2016 (screening time and tickets available soon).

With Train Station gaining momentum on the festival circuit, CollabFeature is set to break its own Guinness World Record for Most Directors of a Film. The current record is held by its 2012 debut feature, The Owner, which involved 25 directors. Train Station has almost double that number with 40 directors, giving new meaning to the words “collaborative filmmaking”. Always evolving, CollabFeature is constantly proving to have a direct impact on the approach to modern filmmaking.

Train Station, follows a single character, known only as “Person in Brown”, through cities like Tehran, Detroit, Berlin, Athens, New Castle, Chicago, Dubai, Barcelona, Mumbai and more than a dozen other cities in five continents. The main character is played by 40 actors, ranging in age, gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation.  Along his/her journey, he/she is presented with choices that trigger different paths, giving us a universal story of fate, decisions and destiny. Train Station unites cultures and breaks language barriers, reminding us that we all live under the same conditions of life in a world full of diversity, options and consequences.

Train Station is thrilled to be screening at festivals around the world, bringing the film to the homes of all of its creators.