Episodes 1-5 of "A Billion to One" now streaming

The first four Episodes of our new series A Billion to One have been viewed over 65,000 times across Amazon, YouTube, Facebook Video and Vimeo on Demand.  Plus we've received tons of positive feedback from people who can't wait to find out which character will win Leo Richter's billions.  

A huge thanks to all of you who helped make the launch a success by watching and sharing.  But this is JUST the beginning.  
Episode 5 "The Tweet" is now available exclusively on Amazon Prime and Vimeo on Demand.  


In Episode 5 "The Tweet," Regan finds the source of the Richter rumors. Depressed about her loss, Julie goes on a bender and gets a message from "LR." At a strip club in France, Katri, a sex trafficking victim pleads for help and becomes the next candidate seeking Richter's fortune. 

The epic, globe-spanning story resumes in January with more revelations and new characters attempting to prove themselves worthy of Leo Richter's $82 billion fortune.  
If you haven't yet, you can start from the beginning of the series here:


Episode 1 - First in Line

Episode 2 - Personal Details

Episode 3 - Speculators

Episode 4 - Prove It

Episode 5 - The Tweet