"A Billion to One" Episode 12 Now Available

Episode 12 "Sir, Who are You?" has just been released on Amazon Prime 


In Episode 12 "Sir, Who are You?," Aditya, a dreamer from Dubai, loses hope and reaches out to Richter, but not for his money. Meanwhile, kicked out of his pimp's home, Antoine is torn between his true intentions and some "expert" advice. Under pressure, Regan demands action.

The final four episodes of "A Billion to One" Season 1 will be released over the next coming weeks. Stay tuned as people from every part of the world attempt to prove themselves worthy of dying billionaire Leo Richter's fortune and uncover the truth about who is behind the rumors that he's giving his money away.  

Created by the award-winning, Guiness World Record-breaking CollabFeature team of filmmakers around the world, this innovative web series  boasts the most diverse cast and crew in television history.