Featured Filmmaker: Dennis Corsi

by Trish Amanda Hubbard

I'm an actress in New York City. Currently, I am being directed by Dennis Corsi in a truly unique project called 'A Billion to One'. While this is probably one of my most favorite projects I've worked on with Dennis, it's just another adventure we've added to our six year friendship. For 'A Billion to One', Dennis and I had to create a character with a worthy reason for being bestowed a billion dollars. We came up with a character that I'm very proud of as it will help bring to light the importance of our needed awareness in regards to Mental Health in the United States.

I first met Dennis in college at Michigan State University where we had most of our acting classes together. Working diligently, while still going above and beyond, Dennis quickly became a peer that we all looked up to. It was when we took a devised theatre class together that our friendship and working partnership truly began. I saw Dennis' love for understanding the way others think, and truly wanting to use his art to better others. While seemingly being younger than most, he is most definitely mature and experienced beyond his age bracket.

While appearing timid at some times in the rehearsal room or on set, Dennis has mastered the art of speaking up exactly when a voice of reason needs to be heard. Even then, at the time when artists can be the most defensive about their work, Dennis just has this honest way of giving feedback that brings out the best in everyone. His editing eye is impeccable, and I wish to the high heavens I could have his managing skills. He filmed and edited his own reel, which can be seen here (and it's fabulous): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jK2CvdtzY8. Dennis has a unique humor in that whenever it does pop out, it's perfectly timed and enjoyed by all. Or at least in my case, he really does have an amazing ability of making me laugh when I need it the most. I'm proud of his reel, as I believe it showcases his impeccable detail, humor and unique artistic touch. All of these things and more, are not only what make him one of the best filmmakers out there, but also makes him one of the most exciting artists to see work from.

In going to school with him, I have had the pleasure of watching Dennis go through the acting program, the film program, and the directing program; excelling in each one to become the filmmaker he is today. When he sat me down to brainstorm ideas and talk about A Billion to One, I couldn't contain my excitement because I now know that whatever project I work with Dennis on, will always be a truly amazing experience. I learn from his work everyday, and I see many others do the same. I can't wait to see what he has in store for the future, because in my opinion he of all people deserves it the most. Good Luck my love!

Trish and Dennis

TrishDennis Corsi Headshot