Santa - Naughty or Nice?

Santa - Naughty or Nice? Watch Video

by Michele Young

In November, Marty Shea of CollabFeature and Michele Young of the short internet film series "Meet Britain" at met at the New York Television Festival. In typical CollabFeature fashion, they began discussing potential global collaborations.

Michele was thrilled with the idea of filmmakers from around the world collaborating on a project together. She had just finished editing 'Zombie Rock!', a zombie music video parody of LFMAO's Party Rock!,  shot during London's World Zombie Day (WZD) and pitched the idea of making a short film featuring zombies from around the world. Marty loved the idea, but the next WZD was in October 2014 and they wanted to work together sooner. Thus, the idea to collaborate on a Santa video during SantaCon in December.

You might be wondering, what is SantaCon? It's a global event where people dressed as santas gather to have fun for the day in more than 300 locations in over 31 countries on various dates from November 29 to December 21.

The result was “Santa - Naughty or Nice?” at Watch and you be the judge.

It was an ambitious project to organize in only a few weeks, but it turned out great thanks to the Santas in Berlin, London, and the animation by Grouchobeer. Next year, we want more global filmmakers in all 31 participating countries to send in their best Santa footage for us to make a truly global video.

We have plans to collaborate again in October for World Zombie Day and SantaCon in December. What shall we do the other months? It would be great to make a global short film a month. We're open for suggestions. Are you open for the challenge? Comment below or email with ideas!