Train Station begins Festival Tour

CollabFeature’s second film, Train Station, has been submitted to festivals for its world premiere as its creators celebrate the film’s completion. With over 40 directors spread across cities in multiple countries encompassing 5 continents, most of the collaborating writer-directors have never met in person. Together, they wrote, produced and edited the feature film using CollabFeature’s unique web-based collaborative interface.


Train Station follows a character known only as “Brown” after he/she misses a train. From there, the directors take Brown on a fantastical journey and throughout it illustrate the infinite possibilities that exist when a single event interrupts a person’s timeline. Each decision Brown makes leads to a different scenario, each one told by a different director.

What’s most unique about the project aside from the fact that a record number of directors are working together to create one film is that the main character, only known as “Brown,” is played by over 40 actors and actresses.

Expect an announcement about Train Station's world premiere soon, as well as trailers and more.


Prior to Train Station, CollabFeature directors produced The Owner, a story of a misplaced backpack and its several temporary keepers throughout the world trying to find its rightful owner. The film premiered in 2012 and involved the collaboration of a Guinness World Record winning number of 25 directors. Train Station is set to break that record.

As Train Station enters the festival stage, CollabFeature is proud of the culmination of effort its 40 directors, hundreds of independent production crew members, and thousands of hours of creative input that went into the creation of the film.

Stay tuned for upcoming festival announcements and screening events in a city near you!