TRAIN STATION Director's Corner: 40 Actors, 1 Character

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing some observations and experiences from the "Director's Corner" of our most recent film, Train Station. Check out the stories, ideas, and experiences that make up one of the world's most unique film experiences!__________________________________________________________________

One of the challenges and source of creative energy in our film Train Station was the fact, that the protagonist was played by different actors. We call him/her “The Man in Brown” or “The Woman in Brown,” depending on her gender. The challenge was to create a character recognizable despite differences in language, age, ethnicity and gender, while still giving each of the Browns something unique.

12304212_1720522571516807_5615738834571528689_o“The Browns in Train Station fall into one of 3 main categories of consequence: 1. Of Betrayal 2. Of Lying 3. Of Doing the right thing. My Brown is in the latter group or segment and does not differ from the other Browns in that group, as their progress is always or ultimately altruistic; nor does my Brown differ from any other Brown in any other segment.” (Craig Lines)

“We change everyday. Every life experience changes us, every decision changes us and we are a different person every day. We learn, we grow up and we change. I believe that the different Browns in Train Station are symbols of our personality through our everyday life. My Brown is as different with the other Browns as we are with ourselves in the next hour!” (Hesam Dehghani)


As a result, the Browns show different character traits: he/she is a guy with a low self-esteem in one segment, and gets spooked very easily in another. He is a good-hearted crook in one, and a child as symbol for his innocence in a different part of the story. However,

“interestingly, none of the film makers during the writing process ever suggested an intrinsically evil or malicious hero. Perhaps this says something about our international cultural influences.” (Craig Lines)

Compiled by Train Station director, Juliane Block.

Train Station premiered in November 2015 and is currently making the rounds on the festival circuit. Worldwide release coming 2016. Keep your eyes peeled to!