Why Lucy Joined CollabFeature and Why You Should Too

Why Lucy Joined CollabFeature and Why You Should Too by Sam Boseley


Video by Vandana Menon

Have you heard the story about the filmmaker who found success with their very first solo film? No, you haven’t. It never happened.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for emerging filmmakers, writers, directors and even actors to make their mark in the industry. Production companies are less likely to take a gamble on fresh, young, up-and-coming talent, in favor of the formulaic, tried and tested method that has been bottle-necking the industry for years. It is this reason that promising talent passes by; undetected and undiscovered.

You can sum up the film industry in one word – NETWORKING. Passivity is not an option when it comes to getting noticed. Unless you’re out there actively pursuing leads and making a nuisance of yourself (in a good way), your contact list will be extremely bare. BE SELFISH! If you think that certain network connections can benefit you; do what you can to bring them in.  If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

CollabFeature is the brainchild of Marty Shea and Ian Bonner who believe that like-minded independent film and media professionals can make a difference in this cutthroat business.

Why should you join CollabFeature?

The benefits of becoming a member of CollabFeature are ten-fold. Firstly and most importantly, each person is equal. You will become a valued member of our team. Have a suggestion or opinion? Great, tell us. It is how we learn, grow and better ourselves.

You have access to a network collective that is striving for the same thing.

You can do as much or as little as you are able to. This is great if you want to become involved with CollabFeature, but have other commitments.

The CollabFeature network is vast and we are proud to say that we have CollabFeature members on six continents, in many, many countries.

If, after reading this and watching the video, you would like to become a part of CollabFeature’s history, please apply. We are always looking for industry professionals who can add something to our collective.