Sam Boseley's Screenplay a Finalist in the Nashville Film Festival

by Dennis Corsi Sam Boseley, one of the writers for A Billion to One, is a finalist in the Nashville Film Festival. He entered his screenplay in the Comedy Pilot competition, and is one of three finalists in his category.  The title of his series is "Cherub Court' and the entered episode is titled "I smite you."

In all categories, there were 1, 511 entries. There are 76 finalists in all, but only 2 other finalists in Sam's category.

The Nashville Film Festival is in its 45th Year and is officially one of the top 5 American Film Festivals. This year's festival will take place April 17-26. The Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition is unique among thousands of screenwriting competitions in the U.S. because it offers more categories for short screenplays than any other competition and is the only fest with a category for Young Screenwriters. 

When asked what his screenplay is about, Sam described, "Banished to earth by the Grand High Judge for misusing his powers, Cupid must satisfy the Cherub Court by match-making couples without the use of his Golden bow and arrows. Only when somebody genuinely falls in love with him, can he return to the Cherub Kingdom. This task is made all the more difficult when, with each match-up, he jumps into the body of a different person in a different part of the world."

Sam goes on the explain, "This screenplay would be the Quantum Leap of the 21st Century. This would pull in the older viewers who fondly remember QL, and also give the younger generation an innovative show to watch."

Wishing Sam luck!