"The Owner" Release on Cable VOD

THE OWNER will be released on cable VOD on April 16th. It will run for 90 days and then be followed by a wide release on iTunes (global), XBox, Playstation, Vudu, Google Play, YouTube Movie Rentals (global), Amazon, and MGo on June 10th. Filmed by 25 filmmakers on 5 continents, “The Owner” follows the adventures of an old backpack that is passed from character to character around the world. As the journey progresses, we learn details about the mysterious man to whom the bag belongs. The story, written collaboratively over the internet, brings together a variety of cultures, languages, and film styles into a singular narrative plot.

The film premiered in 2012, but was recently signed with "Indie Rights", a digital distributor that is pushing the film to cable VOD and online platforms.