Featured Filmmaker: Ingrid Franchi

By Etienne Gaudilliere  

I have not known Ingrid for a very long time - less than two years - but I can already share experiences about working with her. I have played in two of Ingrid's short movies, and we are currently working together on A Billion to One. I would say that Ingrid is both an energy-filled director and a natural group leader. She is deeply interested in stories that reflect our world in various ways, from documentary to suspenseful fiction. She also has a strong humor, which is a important from my point of view. She gathered around herself a great, young and skillful technical team - really.

OLTC_24062012_086I am always surprised about the trust she has in me, and how she opens the door to artists she barely knows in order to work together. Her working team is always open to new talents, allowing everyone who has great ideas to join her. That gave me a lot of confidence, to be honest.
I would say that today I am very happy of what I have shared with Ingrid, but even more excited about what is coming, including of course A Billion To One, an adventure I wouldn't be in without her.I would like so much to share with you the brainstorming sessions we have together about creating the story. There are moments of joy, laughter and excitement that could make movies by themselves! This being both a message for you to know her through my eyes, and a "thank you" from me to her.

OLTC_24062012_089For more on Ingrid, visit:

Website : www.ingridfranchi.com

Twitter : https://twitter.com/IngridFranchi

Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ingrid-Franchi/572760882837673?fref=ts