CollabFeature has a New Home!

GreenGarageWelcomeCollabFeature is extremely excited to call the Green Garage our new home! Once a 1920’s showroom for Model T’s, the Green Garage is three main things: a community of people dedicated to Detroit's sustainable future, a business enterprise, and a building located in Midtown Detroit.  Co-founders Tom and Peggy Brennan purchased the building in 2008 and, with the help of over 200 wonderful individuals, completed a green, historic renovation over the next three years. Since opening in 2011, the Green Garage's principal work has been forming a diverse, supportive, and accountable co-working community and helping triple bottom line businesses (healthy for the environment, economics, and community) grow naturally. There couldn’t be a more perfect fit for CollabFeature and we are absolutely thrilled to be a part of the Green Garage family!