Collaboration Film: A New Genre in Filmmaking

Republished from the blog Comicaditya, a Blog about Films, Poetry and Photography by Aditya Powar

I’ve worked on a feature film in which I’m a director of a small part of a story and then this story continues by another director in another part of the world. And when it all comes together, it is magic. The film has a life of its own. It is unique and despite the fact that the main character is changing after every few minutes we still feel it is the same film beautifully interwoven to tell one big story. This film is called TRAIN STATION. Its a project started by I believe this is the future of film making.

Imagine you write a feature film break it into parts and people from all over the world collaborate to make that film. And this is happening. CollabFeature has made a film called The Owner. In this film the main character of the film is a bag that travels all over the world and with the bag, we travel with these endearing characters to find out who is the owner of the bag. This film was directed my 25 directors. Their next project “Train Station” is directed by around 40 directors [I’m one of them].

Another great example of the same style of film making is a film produced by Ridley Scott –  Life in a Day. It is a documentary shot all over the world to show the future generation our time in this world and remind them what it is like to be alive. A powerful film and I believe I should not call this a style of film but a new genre. Something like Collaboration Film or Collabfilm. Its a genre that has proven innovative and creative way of telling a story cinematically. This is also helping young directors like me to hone their skills as short filmmaker and yet be a part of bigger story of a feature film.

Through collaboration with actors, technicians, directors, producers, and artists from other field and above all from other parts of the world work together to make a unique story, a collective dream for the world to experience. Imagine the world making a film together to stop wars, unite people with differences or simply to tell a simple story about a relation between a girl and her pet. The ideas are limitless and the science and technology to make this a reality is already here. So what would you like to make as your Collabfilm?